Recovery Is About Connecting

Are You Ready For A New Way To Deepen And Empower Your Recovery?

We believe there is more to recovery than abstinence and hard work. Maybe you have gone through a treatment program, a PHP program or an Intensive Outpatient program and are now working your recovery. Maybe you realize you have an addiction problem and are ready to explore recovery and sobriety. Are you ready to take your recovery into the space of long-term life shift?

Are You Serious About Your Recovery?

We Can Help Recovery Centers

You are a recovery center who would like to provide support to your alumni. We can provide these courses, either on this page or we can work to put these courses on your alumni support page.

Join Us

Join us for a journey of self-discovery and insight, where you bring your life, hard work, and emerge experiencing life anew. Out of your full and active participation, you will deepen your recovery in ways you never thought possible. Powerfully creating a life free of your addiction, full of courage and empowerment, and living fully in all area’s of life.

Bring yourself fully to the course. Apply the course lessons in your life – 5% of your transformation will occur in the coursework. 95% will occur in your application in your life. Recovery Elevated sets in motion a forward focus to life in recovery. Our dynamic approach helps you recognize that you hold the solutions you seek to empower your inner sober genius.

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Recovery Elevated was founded by Jim Pehkonen. He discovered that there are limited online programs offered after you have left treatment programs. He has created this new approach. This program will be expanding to offer teachers, therapists, and coaches who want to assist you to deepen your recovery. Read the bio’s about each teacher and watch the introduction video’s.